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The Unexplainable Store!

This site will blow your mind! It has everything from Hypnosis, Lucid Dreaming, Energy Enhancer, to Memory Enhancer and a lot more cool stuff that will get you thinking ” can my mind and body really do that”? I thought that the Astral Projection, Telepathy, and Endorphin Release were very interesting, especially the Endorphin Release. Now who can’t use a little extra of that when the time is right? I know I can! Apparently it’s all do to 3 different types of brainwaves we all have called, BINAURALS, MONAURALS, and ISOCHRONICS. If this got you thinking “what in the world” then just check it out for yourself and give me your opinion on it or better yet what will you do with this information once you’ve checked out this mind-blowing unexplainable store.


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For those book lover’s out there if you don’t know what EBook’s are then you would have been in with me 6 months ago when I didn’t even know what they were myself. I myself am a big book lover, so you can emagine just how many books I have laying around my home. My husband keeps getting on to me about it saying, can’t you move your books somewhere where they won’t be in our way. After hearing that for a while,( with my book intake still increasing )I would get so frusturated that I had to start selling some of them. One day while being on the internet I stumbled across the word EBooks, me being the book lover and all I clicked on it and what did I see book titles, book titles, and more book titles. However much to my suprise these weren’t your ordinary you buy, they show up at your house in a big box books. These were books that you buy by downloading them right then and there, and within just minutes….poof yours to enjoy on yours truely computer. No more waithin 7 to 10 business days for them to arrive. No more hasile on trying to find room where to put them at or (hide them in my situation). The downloading of the book you want is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

I want to go ahead and appologize for any misspelled words….spelling just isn’t one of my things…sorry!!